About me

Hey girlies!  I'm Jan, a Christian girl.  I love animals!  :). I'm an animal freak!  XD. I truly love photography; I enjoy it so much.  I also love old TV shows and movies, especially the TV shows I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeannie. My favorite actress is Ginger Rogers, followed closely by Lucille Ball.  I have two hamsters, Bashful and Mortimer.  Mortimer is a male dwarf, and Bashful is a female teddy bear.  My family has four kitties.  :). I also love American Girl dolls; I have 9 at the moment: Felicity, Agnes, Saige, Elsie, Nicki, Rebecca, Dorothy, Molly, and Helen.  I have another blog entirely about my AG dolls: Fun with the Dolls.  I also like reading, drawing, baking/cooking, and fashion design.  Well, that's a little about me!  :). I hope you enjoy my blog!

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