Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Update: If you can't comment, or your comment thingy isn't working, email me to enter! :). Just email me the same thing you would've commented, and that's that. :)

Um, hi, everyone! This is Bashful, as in Jan's hamster. She asked me to announce the giveaway, although I have NO experience doing this. :). However, I'll try my best!
If you're wondering why I look kinda half-asleep in this pic, its because I'm about to take a nap!  :)

Now, on to the AMAZING prizes you could win!  Our first sponsor is Raemie from DesertStrands, who is donating a very pretty paperback book cover!  Isn't it gorgeous?  :)  Thank you VVVEEERRRYYY much for sponsoring, Raemie!  :)

And our 2nd sponsor is Sarah from  moderninspireddesign who is spnsoring with a very pretty pendant!  :)  It is of a bird, and refers to Matthew 6:26!  :D  Thank you soooo much for sponsoring, Sarah!  :D

And now, HOW you can enter to win one of these FABULOUS prizes!

- You must be a follower of The Jottings of Jan
- You must be able to give out your address, so that if you win, your prize can be shipped to you!  :)
- You must have parent/guardian permission if you're under 18

To enter, comment down below with your name (or online name), and what your favorite thing about summer is!  :)  Then, go to DesertStrands and moderninspireddeisgn shops, and comment what your favorite thing in each shop is! :)

To earn extra entries:
- Favorite both shops on Etsy (2)
- Post about the giveaway on your blog (3)
- Email 5 friends about the giveaway, including Jan (3)
- Buy something from one of the shops (10)

There will be two winners, who will be picked randomly.

The giveaway starts today, and ends August 3rd at midnight EST.  Jan can't wait for you all to enter!  :)  And now I am going to go finish my nap.  ;)  This is Bashful signing off!  :) Goodnight!


  1. I'll enter!!!
    My fave thing about Summer is Ice cream!!!!
    I'll do the rest a little bit later!

  2. Hi! I like the I am treasured pendant from moderninspireddesigns My favorite thing about summer is swimming and from desertstrands I like the Paisley Bible Cover.

    Thanks Jan, Bashful and everyone else,


  3. From Desertstrands, I like Dusky coral and grey batik cotton paperback book cover with bookmark and tatted accent!!!
    And from Moderninspiredesign, I like the Cross earrings!!!

  4. I also posted it on my blog!!!!

  5. I'd like to enter!! My favorite thing about summer is no school!! I love everything from both shops!! :) I fav. both etsy shops, I emailed 5 friends!! :D

  6. I'd love to enter! The book cover is very cute! My favorite thing about summer is that there's no school! then there's time to do tons of fun stuff. Good luck to everyone entering. :-)

    1. Hello! :). Thanks for entering, but please don't forget to complete the rest of your entry: whats your fav thing from each shop. Thanks! :D

  7. My favorite thing about summer is ice cream! I love the faith necklace, and the puppy stocking!

  8. I e-mail 5 friends (including you)

  9. Replies
    1. Ok! :). Only three more to go! Emailing me with two others counts too! :)