Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review and interview with BeckedOut!

 Hey, girlies!  :)   Eeeekkkk, I'm so excited!  My first review!  It is with an amazing Etsy shop, BeckedOut.  Thanks for donating the terrific jewelry for me to review, Becky!  :). Becky has really cool jewelry in her shop, all handmade!  First, the review.

Everything came (inside the envelope of course XD) in this cute drawstring bag.

The two items Becky sent for me to review: a pretty ring, and a very beautiful bracelet.

First, the ring.  The ring is very comfortable to wear, and fits me perfectly.  My sister tried it on, and it fits her, too.  It is very pretty, and I think would go with a variety of outfits.  I love rings!  :). And this one is the perfect final accessory to any outfit.

The bracelet.  The bracelet was a bit loose on me, but that's ok.  :). I don't like bracelets that are particularly tight, because after a while of wearing them one day, they may begin to pinch.  ;). This one doesn't do that!  :D. It has a variety of colors, textures, and different kinds of beads in it, which means it would be easy to pair up with an outfit; there should be a color in this bracelet to match any outfit!  :). 

There is also a cute heart charm near the clasp; a nice touch, in my opinion.  :)

Here is the clasp.  :). It was a bit hard to fasten, but that's good, because it won't fall off!  (I've had bracelets do that to me before.  XD). I think it's a hook and eye clasp (but I may be wrong), and doesn't take away from the rest of the bracelet.  :)

In conclusion, I give the ring and bracelet 10 out of 10.  :). (10 being the best). Let me know if you buy BeckedOut jewelry!  You won't be disappointed!  :)

And now, the interview.  Thank you so much, Becky, for letting me interview you!  :D

Why did you create BeckedOut!?

Looking back I’d like to say it was a natural progression of things. It may be more complicated though. I like many other people growing up wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, and if asked never usually stuck with the same answer more than twice I’m sure. I have always enjoyed being creative, drawing painting writing, but had never really considered building a career from it. I also enjoyed making my own gifts, including jewelry for family and friends. Every one really enjoyed these gifts and creations and encouraged me to continue making them. I realized that I really enjoyed making them, and amassed quite a collection, that it was then suggested by my mother among others that I could sell them to make a little money. The thought that had never occurred to me myself. I ended up doing a moderate amount of research and decided to start my business, and then later extended to the online aspect.

What inspired the Name *BeckedOut!*? 

There was a process I went though, considering options for my company name, my main considerations being the name needed to stand out and be recognizable, I wanted people to immediately connect my name to my business name, and I wanted to have it be fun at the same time. 

What is your favourite Material to work with in Jewelry?

I am constantly finding new materials as which to work with and discover. My favourites vary at times with each project, but if forced to choose one or two over all I would have to say working with gemstones and wire are at the top of my list. 

What is your favourite jewelry technique you’ve done?

I think it varies based on what I’m working on, with each new thing I’m learning I find some techniques become my new favourites, whereas others I learn are more arduous. Over all though I love creating jewelry, so I enjoy learning all the techniques I can. Wire working and beading are my favourites of the moment.

What is your favourite jewelry 'genre' (Bracelet, ring, necklace, etc)?

I would have to say necklaces, because although each has its own value, they ultimately allow for the most variety and creativity when making them.

So that's the end of the post!   I hope you enjoyed it!  :)

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